Meet Storytime Princesses

Did you know Storytime Princess began as "Storytime with Belle" in 2016? In the beginning, we collected books and donated them to Children’s Hospital in St. Louis! Then, every month or so, Belle traveled to St. Louis to visit Children's Hospital -- once with Jasmine and several times with Snow White. Belle also provided meals to the Ronald McDonald Houses with the help of family and friends!


Today, Storytime Princesses does Birthday Parties, Princess Encounters, Meet & Greets, Fundraisers, and even singing telegrams ("Belle-a-Grams").  We continue to add princesses to our lineup and improve our parties and events!  


I am excited that “Storytime with Belle” has evolved into “Storytime Princesses” and look forward to having an event with you soon!  Message us today to book Storytime Princesses for your next big event!  


Please be sure to follow us on facebook and sign up for our monthly newsletter and never miss a Storytime Princesses public event!  Contact us today to book an event.  Use the Contact Us form at the bottom of any page!



Fun Fact: See the picture of Belle and a little girl making Nachos?  This picture was taken at the Ronald McDonald House across the street from Children's Hospital in St. Louis.  This little girl in the picture has grown up to become one of the Storytime Princesses.  She "is friends with" (wink wink) Belle and Snow White and often serves as party assistant to ensure our parties run smoothly!